Sunday, August 16, 2009

"economy does not consist in saving the coal but in using the time while it burns."

I just found this wonderful blog this quite Sunday afternoon at my desk while I caught up with life lost. If you love art and illustration please read this blog by David Apatoff.
I quit buying comics in Knoxville because I was tired of the snarky remarks and the looks from snot-nosed emo UT kids. I used to play Magic there, which I really got into because my ID professor illustrated a couple of cards and I thought the art was great along with the whole Stratego type of play. Then these same kids with thousand dollar card sets would win every time. So Mr. Apatoffs story really hit home. I'm still a big kid, as I write this I'm watching Sponge Bob and fixing to open my new Sea-Monkeys. I am getting off track here, just read a really great blog that just might make you think too…


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