Sunday, December 13, 2009

Creating a Pinup Icon

Creating a Pinup Icon - Olivia de Berardinis’ Belle Du Jour

Pin-up post does it again with a look at one of my favs, it is even on my Olivia 1964 aluminum tree for Christmas.

Is an icon different than an object? Does a contemporary female pinup artist create differently than a classic female pinup artist?

Last time I’ve analyzed a specific pinup piece it was Zoë Mozert’s Bubbles. I was looking to see what a female pinup artist does differently than male pinup artists. In Mozert’s case, we came to the banal gender outlook, in which women portray women in a soft manner, and yet still, as typical of the genre, the woman in the image was objectified. Today we look at radically different Olivia de Berardinis and her piece Belle Du Jour (1987).


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